dOPC Client Toolkit

Add, creates and returns a new TdOPCGroup object and adds it to the items collection.

function Add(GroupName: string): TdOPCGroup; overload;
__fastcall TdOPCGroup Add(AnsiString GroupName);
Your own unique group name

The properties of this new group are determined by the current defaults in the TdOPCDAClient object. After a group is added, its properties can be modified. The name of the group which is passed by the GroupName parameter must be unique among the other groups created by the client. By default a subscription will be create, so that the "OnDatachange" event will be fire if the group and the server connection is active.

var MyGroup : TdOPCGroup begin OPCServer.OPCGroupDefault.UpdateRate := 2000; //override default property OPCServer.OPCGroupDefault.IsActive := false; //override default property MyGroup := OPCServer.OPCGroups.Add('MyGroup'); //add a group with subscription // ... end;
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