dOPC Client Toolkit

List of OPC Groups 


TdOPCGroups = class(TCollection);
class TdOPCGroups : public TCollection;

TdOPCGroups contains and administrates a collection of TdOPCGroup objects.

You have two possibilities to add a group: 

1. With subscription/OnDatachange event (this is the default behavior)

var Group : TdOPCGroup; begin Group := dOPCDAClient1.OPCGroups.Add('MyGroup'); // ... end;


2. Without subscription, which means no OnDatachange event will be fired.

var Group : TdOPCGroup; begin // Parameter 1 = your group name // Parameter 2 = create an active group (true) or not (false) // Parameter 2 = create with subscription (true) or without (false) Group := dOPCDAClient1.OPCGroups.Add('MyGroup',true,false); // ... end;
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