dOPC Client Toolkit

EventlistSort contains the properties by which you can sort your events.

property EventlistSort: TStrings;
__property TStrings EventlistSort;

You can specify these properties at design time or runtime. You can sort the events according to all property names of TdOPCEvent, e.g. Time, Active, Msg, Severity, ... 


Click on the property EventlistSort in the object inspector and in the dialog window select the properties by which the events are to be sorted. Click on an item in the "Selected Properties" list box if you want to have the events displayed in descending order. This is represented by a "D" next to selected item. 


procedure TForm1.SortbyButtonClick(Sender: TObject); var Sortby : TStringlist; begin SortBy := TStringlist.Create; SortBy.Add('Active (D)'); //or better use dOPCDESC constant for descending sort SortBy.Add('Time ' + dOPCDESC); SortBy.Add('Severity'); //normal sort, not descending dOPCEventServer1.EventListSort := SortBy; SortBy.Free; end;
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