dOPC Client Toolkit

class to connect to an OPC AE Server 

TdOPCEventServer is a component to control, browse, read and write data from an to any installed OPC Alarm and Event server.

TdOPCEventServer = class(TdOPCClient);
class TdOPCEventServer : public TdOPCClient;

The client has to create a TdOPCEventServer object first in order to get references to other objects. It contains the TdOPCEventFilters and TdOPCEvents collections and also provides a TdOPCEventAreaBrowser object. At first the client has to establish a connection to an OPC AE custom interface (see the TdOPCClient.Connect method or the TdOPCClient.Active property). The the TdOPCEventServer object can be used to obtain general information about an OPC server and to get event notfications automatically by using the TdOPCEventServer.OnEndUpdate event.

There are several examples in the directory DEMO/AE:

simple alarm and event monitor
A&E Client
a complete alarm and event monitor program
example how to use the TdOPCEventAreaBrowser class
example how to change filter properties at runtime
example how to use the GetConditionState method
example how to use the Categories and Conditions properties
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