dOPC Client Toolkit

BrowserSupport returns True if the server supports browsing, otherwise False.

function BrowserSupport: boolean;
__fastcall boolean BrowserSupport();
procedure TForm1.bConnectClick(Sender: TObject); begin with OPCEventServer do begin Servername := ServerCombo.Text; //server name from combobox Memo1.Clear; //clear info screen try Active := true; //connect to server ShowStatus; //show information about server if BrowserSupport then //only if server supports browsing begin Browser.Filter := ''; Memo1.Lines.Add('[Areas]'); GetAllItems(False,Browser,Memo1.Lines); //all areas to memo list Memo1.Lines.Add(''); Memo1.Lines.Add('[Sources]'); GetAllItems(True,Browser,Memo1.Lines); //all sources to memo list end //show info message else Memo1.Lines.add('This OPC AE server does not support browsing!'); finally Active := false; end; end; end;
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