OPC Software Products

OPC Products
OPC (formerly OLE for Process Control) is an industry standard created in collaboration with a number of worldwide leading automation hardware and software manufacturers. OPC allows software components such as software connectors to be combined and enables these components to intercommunicate without special adaptions. For further information on OPC please click here...

Hence, Plug & Play has become a reality in automation.

Due to their variety of features and their simple handling, our products are already being used successfully in more than 70 countries all over the world.

OPC Client Toolkits for Developers

  1. dOPC Delphi Client Toolkit to develop OPC DA, XML DA and AE clients
  2. dOPC C++ Builder Client Toolkit to develop OPC DA, XML DA and AE clients
  3. dOPC .Net Client Toolkit to develop OPC DA, XML DA clients

OPC Utility Products

  1. dOPC Clone to create OPC DA server simulators
  2. dOPC Explorer is a program to read/write OPC Items from/to OPC COM or XML DA servers
  3. dOPC Mobile Explorer to browse OPC server with Android & iPhone (iOS), Mac OS (OS X) & Windows

OPC XML Server Gateways

  1. dOPC XGate to enlarge any OPC COM based server with an OPC XML DA interface
  2. dOPC XCOM gives any OPC COM based client access to OPC XML DA servers