dOPC Client Toolkit
ua.client.TuaServiceCall< CallIn: TuaRequestObj; CallOut: TuaResponseObj>.RunAsync

Executes a OPC UA service call asynchronous.

procedure RunAsync(Response: uaServiceCallEvent; AdditionalData: TObject = nil; TimeOut: uaInt32 = 0);
__fastcall RunAsync(uaServiceCallEvent Response, TObject * AdditionalData = null, uaInt32 TimeOut = 0);

If you want to run a OPC service call asynchronous (which means none blocked) you can use this method. Sends the service request to the OPC UA server and returns to the given event method "Response" with the server response.

The response event method (uaServiceCallEvent)
If you want to send additional data (for your own use)
If the UA server does not response in the given milliseconds the response event method will be called with Response = NIL. Default value is 0. Which means: use the default timeout value from the global variable uaDefaultTimeout (10 seconds) out of unit ua.client.
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