dOPC Client Toolkit

OnServerStatusRead will be fired every "KeepAlive" milliseconds.

property OnServerStatusRead: TuaOnStatusEvent;
__property TuaOnStatusEvent OnServerStatusRead;

If KeepAlive has a value greater than 0, OnServerStatusRead fires every given KeepAlive milliseconds. The event gives the actual ServerStatus (uaServerStatusDataType), which is a mandatory node (ns=0;i=2256) of an OPC UA server. If the client is not able to read the ServerStatus then a OnServerShutdown will be raised. 


Is a pointer to the parent TdOPCUAClient object
The statuscode of the read call
The result of the read call. Normally the server status object, but also NIL is possible e.g. if the server status not exits at the server side.
Gives you the choice whether a shutdown should be raised or not. By default a shutdown will be only raised if the server status read call raise an exception, otherwise shutdown is false.

If you use this event then you have to add ua.buildintypes, ua.datatypes in your uses clauses.

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