dOPC Client Toolkit

Occurs when Security Mode is <> None.

property OnGetCertificate: TuaGetCertificate;
__property TuaGetCertificate OnGetCertificate;

If you set SecurityMode to Sign or SignAndEncrypt you need additionally a Public Key (Certificate) and a Private Key. 

If you want to use security you need a certificate. With our example program DEMO\UA\UACreateCert you can create your own certificate. The easiest way to use it with your programs is to add the private and the public keys as a resource in your project under menu "Project-> Resources and Images". 

Add Private-Key as RCDATA and name it to: dOPCPrivateKey 

Add Public-Key as RCDATA and name it to: dOPCPublicCertificate 


If you want to load the Public Key and Private Key by your own e.g. from file then use this event.

function TdOPCCertForm.dOPCUAClient1GetCertificate(Sender: TObject; var PrivateKey, PublicCertificate: TStream): Boolean; var FileName: string; begin FileName := ExtractFilePath(Application.ExeName)+'OnCert'; PrivateKey := TFileStream.create(ChangeFileExt(Filename,'.pem'),fmOpenRead); PublicCertificate := TFileStream.create(ChangeFileExt(Filename,'.der'),fmOpenRead); result := true; end;
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