dOPC Client Toolkit

Returns an array of MethodNodeIds for an ObjectNodeId.

function MethodsGet(ObjectId: string): TArray<string>;
__fastcall TArray<string> MethodsGet(AnsiString ObjectId);

If you want to know if an Object has methods.

program MethodsCall; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses ua.client; var OPCClient : TdOPCUAClient; Methods : TArray<string>; M : string; begin OPCClient := TdOPCUAClient.Create(nil); OPCClient.Url := 'opc.tcp://'; OPCClient.Active := true; Methods := OPCClient.MethodsGet('ns=2;s=Demo.Method'); for M in Methods do writeln(M); writeln('Press Enter to exit'); Readln; OPCClient.Free; end.
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