dOPC Client Toolkit

record to save group properties 

Record for group states.

TdOPCGroupStateRec = record UpdateRate: integer; IsActive: boolean; Name: string; TimeBias: integer; DeadBand: single; LocaleId: integer; ClientHandle: integer; ServerHandle: integer; Holdtime: integer; Waittime: integer; GroupState: integer; end;
struct TdOPCGroupStateRec { int UpdateRate; boolean IsActive; AnsiString Name; int TimeBias; single DeadBand; int LocaleId; int ClientHandle; int ServerHandle; int Holdtime; int Waittime; int GroupState; };
UpdateRate: integer;
UpdateRate (milliseconds) contains the current rate at which the items of the group are updated.
IsActive: boolean;
IsActive contains the current active state of the group.
Name: string;
Name contains the current name of the group.
TimeBias: integer;
TimeBias (minutes) contains the TimeZone bias of the group.
DeadBand: single;
DeadBand contains the percent change in an item value that will cause an exception report of that value to a client.
LocaleId: integer;
LocaleId contains the current LCID for the group.
ClientHandle: integer;
ClientHandle contains the group handle supplied by the client.
ServerHandle: integer;
ServerHandle contains the server generated group handle.
Holdtime: integer;
only for xml
Holdtime contains a value only for XML use.
Waittime: integer;
only for xml
Waittime contains a value only for XML use.
GroupState: integer;
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