dOPC Client Toolkit

record to save OPC server states 

Record for server states.

TServerStateRecord = record Starttime: TDateTime; Currenttime: TDateTime; LastUpdateTime: TDateTime; ServerState: integer; GroupCount: integer; MaxValues: integer; BandWidth: cardinal; MajorVersion: integer; MinorVersion: integer; BuildNumber: string; VendorInfo: string; Version: string; StatusInfo: string; _ClientHandle: string; ProductName: string; end;
struct TServerStateRecord { TDateTime Starttime; TDateTime Currenttime; TDateTime LastUpdateTime; int ServerState; int GroupCount; int MaxValues; unsigned BandWidth; int MajorVersion; int MinorVersion; AnsiString BuildNumber; AnsiString VendorInfo; AnsiString Version; AnsiString StatusInfo; AnsiString _ClientHandle; AnsiString ProductName; };
Starttime: TDateTime;
StartTime contains the server startup time (UTC).
Currenttime: TDateTime;
Currenttime contains the current time (UTC) as known by the server.
LastUpdateTime: TDateTime;
LastUpdateTime contains the time (UTC) the server sent the last data value update to the client.
ServerState: integer;
ServerState contains the current status of the server.
GroupCount: integer;
GroupCount contains the total number of groups (all public and private) being managed by the server.
BandWidth: cardinal;
BandWidth is supposed to contain the approximate percent of bandwidth currently in use by the server.
MajorVersion: integer;
MajorVersion contains the major version of the server software.
MinorVersion: integer;
MinorVersion contains the minor version of the server software.
BuildNumber: string;
BuildNumber contains the build number of the server software.
VendorInfo: string;
VendorInfo contains additional information about the server.
Version: string;
Version contains the version of the server.
StatusInfo: string;
only XML
Only for XML use.
_ClientHandle: string;
only XML
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