dOPC Client Toolkit

RegisterGUIControl registers default properties and default work procedures for a TControl class.

procedure RegisterGUIControl(GUIClass: TdOPCControlClass; PropName: string; ValueProc: TGUIClassSetValue);
RegisterGUIControl(TdOPCControlClass GUIClass, AnsiString PropName, TGUIClassSetValue ValueProc);

TdOPCGUI sets the property of the Control directly, but if you register a property with a new work procedure the default property and the default work procedure are changed (see also example below). 

This change will apply to all objects of the registered class.

procedure SetMemo(Control: tdOPCControl; var OPCValue: OleVariant); begin TMemo(Control).Lines.Add(OPCValue); end; initialization RegisterGUIControl(TMemo,'lines',SetMemo); //Actually it's not possible to set property lines end.
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