dOPC Client Toolkit

OPCAddItems is intended to provide the mechanism to add multiple items to the TdOPCDAClient with one call to reduce the DCOM and XML calls.

function OPCAddItems(ItemList: TdOPCItemList; aAdd: boolean = true): boolean;
__fastcall boolean OPCAddItems(TdOPCItemList ItemList, boolean aAdd = true);

The result will be True on successful execution, otherwise False.

procedure AddItems(G: TdOPCGroup; ItemNames: TStrings); var IL : TdOPCItemList; Item : TdOPCItem; i : Integer; begin IL := TdOPCItemList.create; for i := 0 to ItemNames.Count-1 do begin Item := TdOPCItem(G.OPCItems.Add); Item.ItemID := ItemNames[i]; IL.Add(Item); end; G.OPCItems.OPCAddItems(IL); for i := 0 to IL.Count-1 do if IL[i].LastError <> S_OK then Beep; IL.Free; end; procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var Itemlist: TStringlist; MyGroup : tdOPCGroup; begin Itemlist := TStringlist.Create; Itemlist.Add('Random.String'); Itemlist.Add('Random.Int1'); Itemlist.Add('Random.NoExists'); MyGroup := dOPCServer1.OPCGroups.Add('MyGroup'); AddItems(MyGroup, Itemlist); Itemlist.Free; end;
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