dOPC Client Toolkit

QueryAvailableProperties returns True if the Props parameter, representing a list of available properties on the server, could be filled for the passed ItemId, otherwise False.

function QueryAvailableProperties(ItemId: string; Props: TStrings): boolean;
__fastcall boolean QueryAvailableProperties(AnsiString ItemId, TStrings Props);

The properties list is usually consistent for a particular ItemID. Changes in the underlying system's configuration might however affect the list.

procedure TForm24.Button2Click(Sender: TObject); var OPCClient : TdOPCDAClient; PropertyList : TStringlist; Prop : string; begin OPCClient := TdOPCDAClient.Create(nil); OPCClient.ServerName := 'opc.tcp://localhost:53530/OPCUA/SimulationServer'; // OPCClient.ServerName := 'opc.tcp://' // OPCClient.ServerName := 'dOPCSim.Kassl.Simulation'; PropertyList := TStringlist.Create; try OPCClient.Active := true; Memo1.Lines.Add('connected'); if OPCClient.QueryAvailableProperties('11702:t:0',PropertyList) then begin for Prop in PropertyList do Memo1.Lines.Add(Prop); end; except On E: Exception do Memo1.Lines.Add('failed to connect: '+E.Message); end; PropertyList.Free; end;


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