dOPC Client Toolkit

Class to get OPC Server from a remote or local Computer 


TdOPCServerBrowser = class(TComponent);
class TdOPCServerBrowser : public TComponent;

TdOPCServerBrowser provides the ability to browse for OPC servers from local and remote computers.

OPC UA Server 

To find OPC UA server correctly you have to install the UA Local Discovery Server from the OPC Foundation (https:\\ first. The direct link is: 


OPC Classic COM basec OPC server 

For remote browsing you have to install OPCENUM.EXE on server and client sided PC. Normally the OPC Server installs OPCENUM.EXE itself. If not, you can download the "OPC Core Components Redistributable" from the OPC Foundation Web Site ( which includes all required OPC base components (e.g. also OPCENUM.EXE).

procedure TForm24.ShowServer(UA: boolean); var ServerBrowser: TdOPCServerBrowser; Server : TdOPCServerItem; begin ServerBrowser := TdOPCServerBrowser.Create(nil); if UA then begin ServerBrowser.Protocol := coUA; ServerBrowser.ComputerName := 'opc.tcp://localhost:4840'; // default UA discovery server end; ServerBrowser.Execute; for Server in ServerBrowser do Memo1.Lines.Add(Server.ServerName); ServerBrowser.Free; end;
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