dOPC Client Toolkit

ComputerName contains the computer name of the remote OPC server

property ComputerName: string;
__property AnsiString ComputerName;

This property is only needed is you want to connect to an remote OPC Classic DCOM OPC server. It contains the computer name of the remote OPC server to which the client want to connect.

It may be an empty string (default) if the OPC server runs on the same computer the client is running on. This property is only used for COM based OPC servers (Protocol = coCOM) and it is ignored for other protocols like coXML or coUA. Before a connection to a remote OPC DA server can be established, DCOM needs to be configured on both client and server. 


Call the dOPCInitSecurity method (unit dOPCCom) at the at the beginning of your client program. 


To configure the remote OPC server and to understand the dOPCInitSecurity method background please read or


procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin dOPCInitSecurity; end;


var Server : TdOPCDAClient; begin Server := TdOPCDAClient.Create(nil); Server.ServerName := 'Matrikon.OPC.Simulation'; Server.ComputerName := '\\RemotePC'; Server.Active := true; end;
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