dOPC Client Toolkit

TdOPCEventItems contains TdOPCEventItem objects.

TdOPCEventItems = class(TList);
class TdOPCEventItems : public TList;
procedure TForm1.ShowCategoryTree; var i,a,c,sc : integer; Cat : TdOPCEventitem; Condition : TdOPCEventitem; begin if dOPCEventServer1.SelectServer then begin Memo1.Clear; dOPCEventServer1.Active := true; for i := 0 to dOPCEventServer1.Categories.Count-1 do //for all Categories begin Cat := dOPCEventServer1.Categories[i]; //get Category Memo1.Lines.Add('Category: '+Cat.Name + ' Eventtype:'+ InttoStr(Cat.IType)); //add to list for a := 0 to Cat.Items.Count-1 do //for all properties Memo1.Lines.Add(' Attribute: '+Cat.Items[a].Name); for c := 0 to doPCEventServer1.Conditions.Count-1 do //for all Conditions begin Condition := doPCEventServer1.Conditions[c]; if Condition.IType = Cat.Id then //if type of Category begin Memo1.Lines.Add(' Condition: '+Condition.Name); for sc := 0 to Condition.Items.Count-1 do //for all Subconditions Memo1.Lines.Add('Subcondition '+Condition.Items[sc].Name); end end; Memo1.Lines.Add(''); end; dOPCEventServer1.Active := false; end; end;
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