dOPC Client Toolkit
What's new

New main features of the dOPC version 5

  • dOPC is now compatible with OPC UA (Unified Architecture). Which means you can now easily build OPC UA client programs for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.
  • Version 5 works only with Delphi and C++ Builder XE version 10 (Seattle) or higher, version 4.36 still works with older Delphi and C++ versions.
  • This version currently does not support Free Pascal (, but version 4.36 still works with Free Pascal.

If you want to upgrade a program developed with a previous of dOPC (version 4.x) please: click here 

For further information about dOPC and UA please: click here 

dOPC version 5.x Change-Log: 

To get information about the history and changes in the newest dOPC version please download the file changelog.txt 

All notable changes to the dOPC Client Toolkit will be documented now in this file.

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