dOPC Client Toolkit
What's new

New main features of the dOPC version 5

  • dOPC is now compatible with OPC UA (Unified Architecture). Which means you can now easily build OPC UA client programs for Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.
  • The new version works only with Delphi and C++ Builder XE version 10 (Seattle) or higher.
  • This version currently does not support Free Pascal (


General changes:

  • We have renamed the class TdOPCServer to TdOPCDACient
  • We have renamed the class TdOPCSvr to TdOPCCient
  • We have changed the property Value of class TdOPCItem from OleVariant to Variant
  • We have deleted event OnWriteError, you can now use event OnWriteComplete instead.


If you want to upgrade a program developed with a previous of dOPC (version 4.x) please: click here 

For further information about dOPC and UA please: click here 


Actual dOPC version 5.x: 

To get information about the history and changes in the newest dOPC version please download the file changelog.txt

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