You want to develop OPC Clients?

With our component you can easily create OPC UA, DA, AE, HDA & XML clients.

dOPC Client Toolkit

You want to know what OPC is?

As an OPC Foundation Member, we recommend visiting the OPC Foundation first.

OPC Foundation

A free OPC Test Client wanted?

With our dOPC Explorer you can connect to any OPC UA, Classic and XML DA server.

dOPC Explorer

You need an OPC Test environment?

With our dOPC Clone you can copy an existing OPC server.

dOPC Clone

mobile OPC UA Apps needed?

We have the right solution for you. With one code base write Windows, MAC, Android & iPhone Apps.

dOPC Client Toolkit

Impossible to beat

"Delphi & dOPC together offer a combination of value, ease of use, performance, and
flexibility that may be impossible to beat"


You need an OPC XML DA Server?

Then dOPC XGate is the right solution for you.


You want to connect to OPC XML DA?

dOPC XCOM gives you access to XML DA.