OPC Client Toolkit for .Net

dOPC for .Net
In order to offer you, as a .Net developer, the opportunity
to work with the OPC standard in the familiar .Net environment,
we've developed a 100% managed code C# assembly, software toolkit
(SDK) supporting the most common interfaces and protocols
of OPC (Data Access DA and XML DA).

available next year

If you want to create high-end OPC DA client applications in a fast and professional way at the highest performance, then our dOPC Client Toolkit for .Net is the right solution for you!

There are a number of good reasons why you should purchase our OPC Framework for .Net languages like C#, Delphi, Visual Basic and C++:

dOPC Main Features of our OPC assembly:

Supported .Net Frameworks:

Supported operating systems:

OPC Specifications supported by dOPC:

.Net IDE's supported by dOPC:

Our powerful dOPC Toolkit allows you to build OPC client applications with just a few mouse clicks. E.g. dOPC includes a GUI component that allows you to bind OPC item values directly to properties of visual components, such as labels or edit boxes.

We encourage you to download our free trial version, which is fully functional and includes a comprehensive help file and over 20 free demo and example programs (with source code). This version is limited only by a warning message.

available next year